Teachers challenged to compose National Anthem in local languages


Gambian teachers have been challenged to compose and sing the Gambia National Anthem in the local languages. This task was given by the Director, Regional Education Directorate 2, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE), during a recent training on the revival of the teaching of drama, music education and cultural studies held in his region. The training was organized by MoBSE through the support of ECCO International.


“We have been singing the National Anthem for 42 years in English. It is time that we start singing it in the local languages so that those who do not understand English can also be able to sing it,” he remarked, assuring the participants that the leadership of MoBSE is ready to give them all the support.


Mr. Suwareh acknowledged the work of the trainers, describing them as people who selflessly served the country. He underlined the importance of music education, cultural studies and drama, calling for more awareness of their role in national development. “Now is the right time to start reviving our culture,” said Mr. Suwareh, commending The Gambia College for taking the right steps to re-introduce the teaching and learning of music education and cultural studies.   


 Madam Ndow, head of school, Gambia College, noted that schools and teachers are highly valued by society and should play a responsible role in shaping society. She added that music can be used to teach the most difficult subjects especially Mathematics and English, adding that when encouraged to participate in competitions, children can learn to be self-confident as well as acquire intelligence and discipline.


She told the teachers that they should not wait until there are competitions before they start training students to perform music, adding that it should be a part of their everyday teaching and learning activities. She expressed her willingness to work with all stakeholders including MoBSE to revive the teaching of music and cultural studies at College level.


Mr. Mam Tamsir Njai, Principal Education Officer and Head, School Broadcasting Unit, MoBSE, did not mince his words when he urged the teachers to be innovative. “The topic of the training should serve as food for thought for all those who are concerned with cultural revival,” he said.


He told them that the training started at Region 1, noting that Region 2 was the second region in the country to be trained by the team of resource persons. He highlighted that MoBSE, Gambia College, and University of The Gambia have expressed interest to revive music education, cultural studies and drama.


He observed that educational institutions like Gambia College can provide the foundation for the exposure of talented musicians, citing Jaliba Kuyateh, a well known Gambian musician as an example.


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