MoBSE, ECCO International to organize Culture Kids competition


The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education will be organizing a national Culture Kids Competition through the support of ECCO International, a well known International NGO working to enhance cultural awareness.


The vision of Culture Kids is to empower children and youth to create their own path, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social background and religion. This is premised on the belief that a more peaceful world is anchored on the power of cross cultural dialogue, understanding, respect and acknowledgement of own and other cultures.


The Culture Kids Program also wishes to prepare children and youth for a globalized world. It also hopes to enable them to live constructively in responsible communities; and to enable them to live in a tolerant, culturally diverse and rapidly changing global society. This will be done through a unique and cutting-edge model of cultural education, creative learning and social engagement.


According to Mr. Mam Tamsir Njai, Principal Education Officer and Head, School Broadcasting Unit, MoBSE, and chair of the Technical Committee instituted to oversee the logistical arrangements for the competition, the preliminary round of the competition will kick-off at the Region One Education Directorate, on 19th and 20th April 2012. He revealed that Regions One, Two and Four will participate in the competition.


“All participating schools will be expected to sing the National Anthem in addition to staging a song or a play. They will not be allowed to have backup from outside,” he emphasized.


He said all plays must be premised on a relevant Gambian cultural theme. “Judges will be selected by the Technical Committee. I am hopeful that very talented children will emerge in the competition.


“Presentations in the competition should be in English and each school will be allocated 15 minutes to stage their performance,” he concluded.


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