Future in Our Hands


Future in our Hands is involved in education in the Gambia, through it's school building and refurbishment programme. To date ninety five Lower Basic Schools have been built, extended, or refurbished. Future In Our Hands on average refurbishes eight to nine schools per year, mainly rural schools. The schools are chosen to take part in the initiative by the Regional Education office who supply FIOH with a list of schools needing urgent attention. The criteria for selection of schools, is enrolment, whether it is increasing or not, and the condition of the school. The building programme takes place in co-operation with the School Committee, The World Food Programme provides food for work for the voluntary workers.


Future in our Hands are developing a new design of roof tiles which will be cool. The new tiles are of natural earth, look good and are very cool, compared to aluminum roofing, a pilot project using the roof tiles is taking place in five schools.

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