Programme and Donor Co-ordination Unit (PDCU)


    The Programme and Donor Co-ordination Unit will continue its role of donor mobilisation and co-ordination. The PDCU will continue to manage and co-ordinate the classroom construction programme through a partnership arrangement and undertake the overall contracts management for the procurement of goods, works and services, arrange for the disbursement and replenishment of funds for project-supported activities, co-ordination of programme reviews and supervision, facilitate training activities and technical assistance requirements under the external support programme. It will support the DoSE in the procurement of all goods and services but will be gradually phased out and integrated into a directorate within the DoSE with the very same functions by the end of the current master plan 2007. In recognition of the contribution of The Gambia�s development partners to the education enterprise, effective co-operation will continue to be promoted with the donor community in this regard. To this end, efforts will be intensified to mobilise resources for the sector through bi-lateral and multi-lateral grant financing.



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